What can you find with ShaFoLo

Everyday I’m ShaFoLo~~~

Basically, every food related products can be found with ShaFoLo, from fresh farm products, home-grown vegetables, to ready food!

We allow our users to sell using our app. Better yet, you can actually share them also! It is totally free to list with us, you prepare the food and we help you sell!

But please be reminded that sellers have the option to offer either delivery or self pick up service. Meaning, it could be that some sellers, will not send the food, buyer have to collect them themselves. However delivery option is also possible, but provided by the seller themselves.

We charged a booking fee of RM0.60 per transaction, and for now, during this soft launch period, we do not charge any commission from the seller.

That’s it, have fun and ShaFoLo

Here are some of our featured items on ShaFoLo:

Nasi Lemak from Alfred’s Kitchen selling at RM6

Delivery within 10KM from Pudu Market RM8


Durian Musang King from Cassie selling at RM30 1KG

Delivery within 10KM from Petaling Jaya RM10



Organic Kailan from Anthony selling at RM5 250g

Self Pick Up only



Jenahak Ikan Merah from Tei_Ong RM25 per KG

Delivery within 10km from Pudu Market RM10