How To Start Selling/ Sharing Food with ShaFoLo

You already have good cooking baking skill, how do you go further?

1 Download the app here for iOS:

2 “Allow” access for location and Notifications on your phone when Prompted

3 Register yourself, make sure you key in a valid phone number and bank details (All payments from users to you are through MOL Online Payment, we will transfer you the money after transaction is completed)

4 Login with your credentials,  and select “I want to sell/ share food”

5 Now, showcase your good food pictures. (Tips: we recommend to put in pictures of your kitchen or raw material to show users how the food is prepared). Then, do the following:

  • Food Name
  • Halal/ Non-Halal/ Vegetarian Selection (Users are responsible to provide the real information)
  • Pick Up/ Delivery/ Free Food (Pick Up – Users have to come to your place and collect the food, Delivery – You deliver the food to users within 1 to 10km, Free Food – you just want to give out this food for free)
  • Categories – You may select up to two categories such as “Malay, Chinese, Western,  Raw Material”
  • Price – name your price (exclude delivery fees, there is a section later where you can add in delivery fees if you plan to do so)
  • Description – This is the most crucial part, be sure to give more details about your food such as what type of raw material you use, why are you special?
  • Available – (Date Range/ Repeat Weekly). You can choose on which particular date and time you want to sell the food, or you can tell the app to automatically refresh your entry from day to day.
  • Delivery – If you tick “Delivery” above, you can choose within 1km to 10km, where you can deliver and how much you want to charge users.
  • Location – Look Up, this is where you tell people where the food is available, we have integrated it with Google Maps to help make things easier. Once you have your location set, further new food you want to sell/ share, will be on the same location, unless you select “Change Location”
  • Sell Now!

You can always see what you are selling at “Currently Selling” on the side menu bar.

Should you require any help setting up an account or selling, our customer service representative will help you set up an account or guide you further. Please contact us at or call us at +60149185926

You can find us on Facebook too!