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Buy & Sell food from your neighbors

“If you start doing it instead of thinking, you have already won 50%”

– Your neighbors next door

new economy sharing

Buying from neighbors

Know your neighbors, support someone near to you! Buy all kinds of home cook food from your neighbors with ShaFoLo. An integrated map view system to let you know what exactly is someone beside you selling!

Selling to neighbors

You are a passion cook? You have extra food? You want to earn extra income during your free time? Sell to your neighbors! Not only home cook food, but also raw material such as home grown vegetables!

Earn money by sharing food

You can now save money and earn money at the same time! With ShaFoLo, you can buy cheap food from your neighbors, have it delivered to you or collect them yourself!

You can sell food at your own flexibility, avoid the hassle of 100 questions on social media, a direct platform designed for you to sell food and earn extra income!

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Successful Story

With ShaFoLo, I managed to reach more customer, sell during weekend and no commitment! I get to showcase my cooking skill to my neighbors!
Charles Go
Part Time ShaFoLo
ShaFoLo telah menjadi satu income tambahan untuk saya, saya tidak perlu lagi risau mana nak jual makanan saya, di rumah, saya juga boleh jual
Nur Maila
Full Time ShaFoLo
Mother of 3 Kids
Now I get to know my neighbors better and help people that I know! I can just buy food from my neighbor and support a new economy sharing
Tan Kai Kiat
Customer ShaFoLo